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Planning to travel abroad? Passports are needed for international travel, and you may need a passport sooner than expected.

A passport is a form of documentation that serves as proof of citizenship. Countries issue passports to their citizens; U.S. passports are issued by the United States Department of State.

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AAA has teamed up with RushMyPassport, a trusted name in expedited visa courier and passport services, to ensure your passport application is done quickly and correctly. Here's how it works:

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Frequently asked questions

RushMyPassport is a trusted name in expedited passport services. The company has a block of pre-set appointments with the United States Department of State—the agency that handles passport applications and renewals—as well as relationships with foreign consulates and agencies across the U.S. for international travel visas. Here is how RushMyPassport can help you get an expedited passport and visa:

  1. Use RushMyPassport's easy-to-use online tool to check if you have all the required information to ensure your application is complete.
  2. Remove the guesswork with experts who can review your documents and make sure they're completed correctly.
  3. RushMyPassport's network of couriers will hand-carry your application to the appropriate government agency or consulate.
  4. Expedite the process with set appointment times with government agencies, including the one that handles U.S. passports. 
  5. Get answers and assistance along the way from experts via phone, email, and chat.

Start your passport application or visa application with RushMyPassport. 

RushMyPassport can help with all of your passport needs, including:

  • New passport applications
  • Passport renewals
  • A passport for your child
  • Replacing lost, stolen, or damaged passports
  • Updating your name on your passport if you've changed it
  • Obtaining a duplicate passport


Start your expedited passport application with RushMyPassport. 

There's currently no way to get a passport in 24 hours, but RushMyPassport offers some of the fastest passport turnaround times available with a block of pre-set appointments with the Department of State.

See service options to get your passport fast and start your expedited passport application with RushMyPassport. 

Your savings will depend on the expedited passport application service level you choose. Your AAA member discount will be shown during checkout in the order summary section before you finalize your purchase. AAA members save on RushMyPassport services, but government passport fees (execution fees) paid to the Department of State, passport photo cost, shipping, and any other associated taxes or fees are not discounted.

See how much you can save with your AAA discount and start your passport application or visa application with RushMyPassport today. 

The average wait time to get a new passport or passport renewal is 6-8 weeks, but wait times can increase based on demand. Shortly after COVID, the Department of State experienced unprecedented demand, and wait times for new passports and passport renewals doubled. 

RushMyPassport offers expedited levels of service that can reduce wait times and help you get your passport fast, but these wait times vary based on the availability of appointments with the Department of State (the agency that handles U.S. passports), so it's recommended to add some buffer to account for fluctuations in demand. 

Start your passport application or passport renewal with RushMyPassport. 

Your U.S. passport must be valid for at least 6 months beyond your travel dates, as many countries will restrict access if your passport is set to expire in less than 6 months. If you need a passport renewal quickly, RushMyPassport has expedited services to help you get your passport renewed faster.

Even if you have a new passport, it's a good idea to set a reminder to get your passport renewed at least 6 months before it expires. It's also important to remember that if you're planning to gift your high schooler or college-aged child with an international trip, or if you're traveling with a young child, set a reminder to get a passport renewal for them as well. RushMyPassport can help with passport renewals for you and your child, and keep you informed every step of the way. 

Renew your passport with RushMyPassport. 

Approximately 30% of all passport applications are delayed, suspended, or returned by the Department of State due to common issues and mistakes, increasing the time that it takes to secure a passport and sometimes causing people to miss their travel window or special travel deals.

Many who experience passport delays are people who went the do-it-yourself route. RushMyPassport can help take the guesswork out of the process by ensuring you complete your paperwork correctly the first time, helping you avoid any unnecessary delays. If there is a mistake with your documentation, RushMyPassport will help fix the errors to prevent lengthy delays. RushMyPassport also has professional passport and travel visa specialists to help you through the process, and expedited services to help you get your passport quickly. 

Start your passport application with RushMyPassport. 

It varies by country and the reason you're traveling (tourist vs. business travel). Some countries require a tourist visa to enter, so you may need to also get a travel visa.

Additionally, some countries that don't require a tourist visa may require a business visa if you are traveling for business. RushMyPassport can help with the visa requirements for the country you plan to visit along with the purpose of your trip. You can also learn more about expedited visa services available through RushMyPassport. 

Start your passport application or visa application with RushMyPassport. 

Yes, your U.S. passport is a valid form of identification and can be used instead of a driver's license or state ID.

Start your passport application with RushMyPassport. 

Travel advisors can answer questions about passport and visa requirements, but can't fill out any passport applications or provide advice on how to complete the forms. AAA partner, RushMyPassport, is an expert in this area and can assist you with your passport or visa application, as well as inform you of all of the fees involved in getting both non-expedited and expedited passports, including the execution fee paid to the passport agency. Plus, using RushMyPassport's expedited services can greatly reduce wait times.

Start your passport application or passport renewal with RushMyPassport. 

Both documents are proof of your U.S. citizenship and identity. The main difference is the passport card is less expensive and cannot be used for international air travel.

Passport cards are convenient to carry and can be used for land border crossings and seaports of entry (for cruises) for several nations:

  • Canada
  • Mexico
  • The Caribbean
  • Bermuda

Start your passport application with RushMyPassport. 

Yes, getting travel insurance is important for a number of reasons. Read about the benefits of protecting your trip with travel insurance and what it can cover. 

Passport processing times only begin once the Department of State passport agencies or centers receive your application, and do not include mailing times. The total time it takes to get your passport includes both processing and mailing times. It may take up to 2 weeks for your application to arrive by mail at a department of state passport agency or center, and up to 2 weeks to get your completed passport in the mail.

With increased routine processing times taking up to 13 weeks, this means it could take up to 17 weeks to receive a passport after you’ve mailed your application. Submit your application as early as possible and consider the total time it will take to receive a passport.

If you’re planning an international trip, AAA Travel recommends checking your passport expiration date to ensure it’s valid for at least 6 months after your return. RushMyPassport offers AAA members exclusive discounts on expedited courier services and can help minimize delays in passport processing. 

Start your passport application with RushMyPassport. 

Some popular destinations that require a tourist travel visa for U.S. citizens include Australia, India, Turkey, Vietnam, China, Egypt, Kenya, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Rwanda, and Zambia.

Start your visa application with RushMyPassport. 

There are a few caveats to renewing a passport. You can't renew a passport if:

  • It is damaged, lost, or stolen. Learn more about reporting and replacing a lost or stolen passport.

  • It was issued before your 16th birthday.

  • It was issued more than 15 years ago.

  • It was issued in your previous name, and you don’t have a legal document such as a marriage license to prove your legal name change.

  • If you are behind in child support payments of $2,500 or more, you cannot get a passport. For more information, please read about child support payments and getting a U.S. passport.

If none of the caveats apply to you, here are the steps to renew a passport that is expired or is about to expire:

  1. Download and fill out form DS-82, or pick one up from your local passport acceptance facility.

  2. Get a passport photo taken and attach it to the form. You can find a AAA branch that offers passport photo services.

  3. Write a check or get a money order to pay for the passport fee. These fees vary and can change. Note: You can also get a passport card when renewing your passport.

  4. Find your current or most recent passport. Note the exceptions above.

  5. Gather any name change documentation (if applicable).

  6. Submit the above documentation by mail.

Another option is to take the guesswork out of your passport renewal using RushMyPassport and help avoid common mistakes that can result in delays. RushMyPassport also has pre-booked appointments with the Department of State which can help expedite your passport renewal.

Renew your passport with RushMyPassport.

All children, even infants, need their own passports to leave the country by air. There are some cases where this also applies to land and sea travel.

Getting a new child passport or renewing a child passport is much more involved compared to getting or renewing an adult passport, largely due to safeguards that are built into the process designed to protect minors. That's why a child passport is only valid for 5 years (an adult passport is valid for 10 years).

All children must apply for their passports in person, even if they are renewing a passport. The good news is that in most cases this can be done at the nearest passport acceptance office, usually a local post office or library. One thing to keep in mind is the Department of State will only issue a passport for a child under the age of 16 if they have the consent of both parents, and both parents must appear at the passport office in person. There are alternatives if both parents cannot appear in person, but this adds to the complexity of obtaining a child passport and where a RushMyPassport advisor can help with the appropriate documentation.

To apply for a child passport you’ll need:

  1. A completed DS-11 form with your child’s information. You should not sign the form until instructed by the passport acceptance agent.

  2. Proof of citizenship for your child. This can be in the form of a birth certificate, certificate of citizenship, naturalization certificate, or a previous passport. You will need the original document.

  3. A document proving that the child is your child. This can be either a birth certificate showing you as parents and/or an adoption decree. It could also be a court order giving you custody or guardianship. If the name you go by now is different from the name on the document you’re using as proof of relationship, you’ll also need legal documents showing why your name changed.

  4. Proof of identity for you and the other parent. Accepted IDs are a driver’s license, state-issued ID card, current military ID, naturalization certificate, or current government employee ID. You will need to show the original ID, and you will also need to bring photocopies of both IDs.

  5. One passport photo of your child.

  6. The processing fee (currently $35) which can normally be paid via cash, credit card, or debit card.

Both parents and the child must be present at the passport office where the passport agent will review all of the documents listed above. If one of the parents can’t be present, the absent parent must complete and sign form DS-3053 and have it notarized. This document must also be presented to the passport agent. If the other parent’s consent cannot be documented, you’ll need to bring one of the following to the passport office:

  • The other parent’s death certificate

  • A birth certificate or adoption decree with only your name on it

  • A court order awarding sole custody of the child to you or specifically permitting you to take the child out of the country

  • Proof that the other parent has been declared legally incompetent

When you arrive at the passport office, the agent will review your documents, and assuming everything is correct and in order, the passport agent will “seal” your documents, collect payment, and hand them back to you. At this point, you can mail them to the Department of State and wait for your child’s passport to arrive, or you can send them to RushMyPassport to be processed in as little as 24 hours with preset appointments with the Department of State to reduce processing times. 

The steps outlined below apply to adults 18 and older. There is an additional step for children who are 16-17 years old. If you need a child passport (for anyone under the age of 16), read about obtaining a child passport.

To get a new passport, you'll need to appear in person at a passport acceptance facility with the following:

  • A completed DS-11 form. Do not sign the form until instructed by a passport agent.

  • Proof of U.S. citizenship in the form of a U.S. birth certificate, certificate of naturalization, or certificate of citizenship. The document must be an original or certified physical document. Copies or pictures will not be accepted.

  • You will also need to bring a photocopy of your proof of U.S. citizenship, which will be sent with the documentation.

  • Valid identification. Some common forms of identification are a driver's license or state ID with photo, current government employee ID (city, county, state, or federal), U.S. military or military-dependent ID.

  • A photocopy of the valid identification listed above. This will be sent with the documentation.

  • If you are a child who is 16-17 years old, and you have a valid identification document, you must show parental awareness. Read more about how to show parental awareness.

  • A passport photo. Find a AAA branch that offers passport photo services.

  • Payment for both the passport fee and the execution fee. These fees must be paid separately. The passport fee must be paid by check, and the execution fee can usually be paid with cash, debit card, or credit card.

When you arrive at the passport office, the agent will review your documents, and assuming everything is correct and in order, the passport agent will “seal” your documents, collect payment, and hand them back to you. At this point, you can mail them to the Department of State and wait for your passport to arrive, or you can send them to RushMyPassport to be processed in as little as 24 hours with preset appointments with the Department of State to reduce processing times.

Get a new passport with RushMyPassport. 

If you have lost your passport or if it's been stolen, you should immediately report it to the Department of State to protect yourself from identity theft. After doing this, you can start the process to replace your passport. Aside from filling out a form to report your lost or stolen passport, the process for getting it replaced is essentially the same as it is for getting a new passport.

Get more information about how to get a new passport. If you would like help with the process, you can get a replacement passport with RushMyPassport. 

Execution fees (also called acceptance fees) are paid to a passport acceptance agent—generally located at a government facility, such as a courthouse or post office. Passport acceptance agents are also located in regional passport agencies. In most cases, execution fees can be paid with cash, debit, or credit cards. You'll need to pay an execution fee to:

  • Apply for a new adult passport.

  • Replace a lost or stolen passport.

  • Apply for a child passport using a DS-11 form.

The execution fees are paid directly to the acceptance agent because they must verify the identity of the applicant, witness signatures, and review the documents required. Currently, the execution fee is $35 per application. Execution fees are subject to change.

There are currently no execution fees for a passport renewal by mail. 


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